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August 9, 2019
Billy Joel News.


July 19, 2019
Billy Joel News.

This months July 2019 Billboard Magazine cover features singer / songwriter BILLY JOEL with interview.
(Read entire interview) During his photo shoot, BILLY JOEL played ''Fishing for Answers'', as he revealed what his favorite song to play is, how he would describe his songwriting process, which artist (past or present) he would want to join him on stage, and more interesting questions with his answers! (Go full screen)  


June 24, 2019
Billy Joel at London Wembley Stadium.

Almost 75,000 fans attended the BILLY JOEL concert at London's Wembley Stadium on June 22, 2019. 
(View > video  of song snippets from concert by Phil Fan)  


           Billy-Joel-Tickets-Today-22nd-June-Wembley-X_Mobile_Small.jpg            thumbnail_SIGN_Mobile_Small.jpg    

                                                      BILLY JOEL @ Wembley Stadium - June 22, 2019 


June 7, 2019
Another surprise guest at a Billy Joel's concert!

The concept started back in 2008 at BILLY JOEL's last two shows at the closing of Shea Stadium (soon to become the new CitiField Stadium, home to the New York Mets baseball team) in Flushing, New York when BILLY JOEL brought on surprise musical guests to join him on stage. Yes, a BILLY JOEL concert is great musical entertainment, but the special guests are now a welcomed addition to his shows! It's become a standard, and people in attendance look foward to this special guest feature! It makes the experience of a BILLY JOEL concert that much sweeter!
Well, his recent Madison Square Garden show in New York on June 2, 2019, was no exception. British vocalist,
Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, joined BILLY JOEL on stage and sang 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'. (Video: Steve Easton) 



June 2, 2019
Billy Joel real estate news!

For more than two years of village regulatory board appearances, design changes and scaled-back proposals, the Sag Harbor Town Board finally approves the renovation plans to BILLY JOEL's house. BILLY JOEL to raise his Sag Harbor home 30 feet, and connect it to another building.

                                                                       The Sag Harbor Town Board.

                                         Billy Joel and wife, Alexis Roderick, at one of the board meetings. 

                                    Both of Billy Joel's Sag Harbor homes he is going to raise and connect.

                                            Billy Joel's houses are now under construction / renovation.




After 15 years, BILLY JOEL has moved out of his Maritime Music Inc. office, which was located at 34 Audrey Ave, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, to a newer and more modern office nearby.                                                                                                                                                                                 


                                                   34 Audrey Ave, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York.                                                                                                                                (


May 26, 2019
Billy Joel News.

BILLY JOEL played to a sold-out capacity crowd of over 43,000+ at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 24, 2019! 





May 13, 2019
Billy Joel's Birthday concert at MSG. Stories, photos, videos!



                                         (Notice the Birthday hats!)       ^                                       ^


BILLY JOEL's Birthdaconcert was a once-in-a-lifetime event! He turned 70! The special guests! His choice of songs! The gifts! And the congratulations, shown via video, from other famous musicians! First was the gift from friends, band members and crew, of a gold rolex watch that Billy wore and kept showing to the audience. (I think he liked it!) Then midway thru the concert, he received a 'Talk Box' from famous British guitarist Peter Frampton, who joined Billy for three songs, (and shown here on 'Live' video!) And throughout the concert, came Birthday wishes, via video link, from singers Pink, (AC/DC's) Brian Johnson(Country singer) Garth Brooks, (The Eagles) Don Henleyand Sir Paul McCartney (The Beatles). And BILLY JOEL's eldest daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, joined her father on stage and sang 'New York State of Mind' and then 'Happy Birthday'!  What a show! 

        pink---missundaztood_PINK_Mobile.jpg                    220px-Brian_Johnson.jpg                     garth_brooks_1411397120_Mobile_Custom.jpg                                          Pink                                            Brain Johnson AC/DC                                  Garth Brooks


                  donhenley_Mobile.jpg                  sir-paul-mccartney_Mobile_Custom.jpg                                                       Don Henley                                                               Sir Paul McCartney      


             Peter Frampton                                                                                                 Billy Joel


71G0tyxhQ2L._SY606__young_peter_frampton_Mobile.jpg                                                               beccff52b8599e78ab321f3dc778ca1d_young_billy_joel_Mobile.jpg     


                               Peter Frampton joins Billy Joel on stage to sing, 'Show Me the Way'.
                                  (At end of song, Peter gives Billy Joel 'Talk Box' Birthday gift!) 

                                      Peter Frampton performs the song, 'Baby, I Love Your Way'.

 Alexa Ray Joel sings, 'New York State of Mind' then 'Happy Birthday'.
                              (Search Alexa Ray Joel at MSG on 5/9/2019, See Steve Easton video)

                                          Peter Frampton joins Billy Joel in, 'You May be Right'.


    Garth Brooks Birthday wish, Billy's cover of Rolling Stones 'Start Me Up', then 'Keeping the Faith'.                                 

                                                                       (All videos by: Steve Easton)


                                 Backstage after Birthdaconcert. Photo: gettyimages / Myrna M. Suarez.
                                 Wife Alexis Roderick, daughters Remy Anne, Billy Joel and Della Rose.


BILLY JOEL's wife, Alexis Roderick, who's birthday was a week earlier, celebrated both their birthday's backstage after Billy's concert. There was a double Birthday cake celebration! One cake was presented to Billy and the other one to her. We heard that everyone present were hysterical, watching Della Rose and Remy Anne trying to blow out the candles on both cakes! 
                                                         IMG_0513_Custom_2.JPG     images_copyright_Custom.png      IMG_0513_Custom_2.JPG   

                                                                Alexis                                           Billy

May 9, 2019
Today is Billy Joel's Birthday!

                       HAPP70tBIRTHDAY BILL!                               


      download_baloons.jpg     d6488aad-2b7b-42a6-bf42-312039b0114a-GAN_20161231_GMA_EL1_320_52330711_recent_billy_joel_Mobile.jpg                download_baloons.jpg


BILLY JOEL was born on May 9, 1949 in Bronx, New York, and raised in Hicksville, Long Island, New York. Tonight, BILLY JOEL is going to celebrate his 70th Birthday by performing at his SOLD OUT Birthday concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City! Special guests are sure to help Billy celebrate this Birthdamilestone! And I'll be in the 'House' to sing HappBirthday to BILLY JOEL, along with 20,000 other lucky fans! Check back later this week for pictures and videos of this 'once-in-a-lifetime' concert!  




May 2, 2019
Is Billy Joel going to retire?

BILLY JOEL has received every award a musician could possibly earn in the music business. He has sold over 150 million albums worldwide, is the fourth best selling american musician of all time, has become an international rock star, a household name and is worth hundreds of millions of $$$! Not bad for a guy from Hicksville, Long Island, New York! And next week, BILLY JOEL turns 70 years old! So what's left for him to achieve? Well, I met BILLY JOEL 42 years ago (1977) when we were both in our 20's, and here we are, still alive! (Ha, ha, who knew!) We have both come of age, but I'm not retiring, though BILLY JOEL has been talking about retiring for the past 10 years! Here's what he had to say last week about retiring, in a April, 2019 Long Island, N.Y. Newsday interview.

                                                                     Photo: Jon Brett 

April 27, 2019
Billy Joel News.

BILLY JOEL played to a sold-out capacity crowd (41,900) at Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 26, 2019. BILLY JOEL's last Milwaukee concert was 11 years ago, and this was his only Midwest show for the year, 2019!


                          1162e634-c714-498f-bbae-00bde32efacb-MJS_joel28_04ofx_wood_joel28_Caravan_miller_park_Mobile.jpg               7a15432f-5e9a-45d4-8bd9-483073307b72-MJS_joel28_02ofx_wood_joel28_miller_park_crowd_Mobile.jpg  



                                        2ab84009-333c-4516-a91b-07145e180f0a-MJS_joel28_10ofx_wood_joel28-1_miller_park_crowd_Mobile.jpg                        b8d774cc-d4a5-477c-837e-967b41f55280-MJS_joel28_10ofx_wood_joel28_billy_joel_miller_park_Mobile.jpg
                                        3a82630c-9edf-4f9c-9041-a3af2f4f7610-MJS_joel28_10ofx_wood_joel28_byrnes_miller_park_Mobile.jpg                        2cbe2102-4955-4a17-946f-e5f9c1317ba8-MJS_joel28_10ofx_wood_joel28-4_miller_park_crowd_Mobile.jpg


April 15, 2019
One of the best piano players in the world, joins Billy Joel in concert!

Probably the top piano player in the world, Lang Lang, joins BILLY JOEL in concert, at Billy's Madison Square Garden residency in New York City on April 12, 2019! An amazing performance by Lang Lang, considering he's not familiar with this instrumental musical composition, 'Root Beer Rag. He plays it by reading the musical notes!
At the end of the song, BILLY JOEL grabs Lang Lang's music sheet and ....


                                                                                             See Lang Lang in concert - Live in Vienna                                                                                                                                         

March 16, 2019
An interesting New Book about Billy Joel - by Jon Brett

On Sale Now! A new BILLY JOEL book spotlights musicians and fan's relationship with the 'Piano Man!' Fans are set to get a deep look into BILLY JOEL with the book, Billy Joel: Tales Of An Innocent Fan, by author Jon Brett. This book brings together a unique collection of sit-down interviews with past and present band members, exclusive photos, and stories from people whose lives have been influenced or inspired by singer / songwriter BILLY JOEL.
A must read for all BILLY JOEL fans! 
''If you love Billy Joel, you'll love this book'', ''If you hate Billy Joel, you'll love this book!''  Five ***** Reviews!


bd2d454e-3228-4156-a932-74c2061a4478_1_Mobile.jpg    61GGsF0nerL._AC_UL320_joel_book_Small.jpg    201da159-f0ee-4291-9fd6-10e94ecc6947_1_Mobile.jpg

 Billy Joel                          Jon Brett                                                                       Billy Joel                    Sharon Brett                                                                                                                                                                           


                                             For more information, reviews or purchase, click links below.



                                                                    Read Customer ***** Reviews!


March 13, 2019
Billy Joel news.

> BILLY JOEL played to a sold-out capacity crowd (48,519) at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona on March 9, 2019. 

                                    phoenix_arizona_metroscenes.com_04_chase_field__stadium_Mobile.jpg   phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-7_chase23_Mobile.jpg

   phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-23_chase2_Mobile.jpg  phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-20_chase1_Mobile.jpg  phx-mus-20190309-billyjoel-jimlouvau-22_chase3_Mobile.jpg



> BILLY JOEL's publishing agreement with Rondor Music and Universal Music Publishing GroupWorldwide (UMPG), that he signed in 2012, has expired. He has signed a new multi-million $$$ deal with Epic Rights and Dreamer Media who obtain the rights to all BILLY JOEL tours, retail, licensing and e-commerce.


February 11, 2019
Grammy Awards, 2019.

The 61st GRAMMY Awards were broadcast 'live' February 10, 2019 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California after being held last year at New York's Madison Square Garden. In this era, the GRAMMY's are dominated by Rap / Hip-hop. But back in the day when Rock n' Roll was dominate, BILLY JOEL, through the years, was nominated 23 times for a GRAMMY Award and won 6 of them!   



Won GRAMMY Award in 1979 for Record of the Year, 'The Stranger'
Won GRAMMY Award in 1979 for Song of the Year, 'Just The Way You Are'
Won GRAMMY Award in 1980 for Album of the Year, '52nd Street'
Won GRAMMY Award in 1980 for Best Pop Vocal Performance - Male (52nd Street)
Won GRAMMY Award in 1981 for Best Rock Vocal Performance - Male (Glass Houses)
Won GRAMMY Legend Award in 1992.

February 3, 2019
Billy Joel gives away front row tickets to his true fans?








Absolutely no one can obtain tickets to the first two rows of a BILLY JOEL concert! Apparently, it enraged Billy to know that his fans were being kept from enjoying his shows at a price he thought was fair, because scalpers and scammers were putting these choice seats out of price range for most people. ''I'd look down and see rich people sitting there, I call 'em 'gold chainers'. Sitting there puffing on a cigar, 'entertain me, piano man'. They don't stand up, make noise, they just sit there with their bouffant haired girlfriend lookin' like a big shot. I kinda got sick of that''. So, Joel decided to do something about it. ''We now hold those tickets, and I send my road crew to the back of the concert venues and they get people from the worst seats, way in the back, and bring 'em to the front rows''. These true fans, ''Make the most noise, they're the most enthusiastic'', he says. BILLY JOEL believes it's given his shows a new sort of energy.