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May 10, 2020
Billy Joel news

May 9th was BILLY JOEL's Birthday! Born William Martin Joel in Bronx, N.Y. on May 9, 1949, singer / songwriter BILLY JOEL, known as the 'Pianoman', turned 71 years old on Saturday!  

                                                   HAPP71st BIRTHDABILL!


May 1, 2020
Billy Joel news.

There's a growing concern that life as we knew it will never be the same, or at least not for the next couple of years. Even as businesses start to reopen, social distancing will become the norm. Just think about that. All gatherings where there are a high concentration of people will be limited. Again, think about that. Restaurants, airplanes, bowling alleys, beaches, schools, etc... will all have social distancing in place. And what about large gatherings like Baseball games? No World Series? Football games, no Super Bowl? Hockey games, no Stanley Cup? Basketball, no NBA playoff's? No Kentucky Derby? And what about 'live' concerts, where tens of thousands of people are in attendence in a stadium! Not likely, or at least not in the short-term foreseeable future. BILLY JOEL has a concert scheduled next month, June 6, 2020 at New York's Madison Square Garden. There's no 'offical' word of a cancellation as of yet, but I anticipate that announcement very soon (See Concert Tour Dates). And although BILLY JOEL has not produced a new album in over 27 years, he has had an unexpected resurgence late in his career. But this pandemic will probably force him to cancel all of his upcoming scheduled concerts well into 2021. And as time goes bye, and BILLY JOEL gets older, this COVID-19 pandemic might force him to, I might sadly say, retire. (He celebrates his 71st Birthday, May 9, 2020) But let's pray that doesn't happen! And although the late George Harrison of the BEATLES once said of life, ''All Things Must Pass'', please Billy, not just yet! Your fans need you now more than ever!  



April 16, 2020
Billy Joel news.

                 Doctor in Quarantine Sings 'Corona Man', A Billy Joel Parody.

Dr. Matthew Hensler is a surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) who's had to spend the last couple of weeks in self-quarantine after being exposed to someone with the coronavirus... So, isolated at home, and a big Billy Joel fan, he wrote and posted a COVID-19 themed version of BILLY JOEL's 'Piano Man'! Matthew says... ''I'm a huge Billy Joel fan. I've listened to him since I was a kid. It's one of the songs I can play on the piano. This was kind of a way for me to help cope with every-
thing''.  'Corona Man' (mshosu 4:12 min) 



                                                                               Matthew S. Hensler, MD


April 5, 2020
Billy Joel news.

BILLY JOEL's Foundation donates $500,000. for proteactive gear; pledges further donations for relief during this coronavirus pandemic health crisis for New York hospitals. Joel and his wife, Alexis Roderick, released a statement saying...  The donation is being made through the emergency aid group BStrong. The donation will go toward (PPE's) such as masks, kits and hazmat suits for the doctors and nurses in New York hospitals who lack ample supplies. 75% of the equipment will go to hospitals on Long Island and New York City, and the other 25% will go to upstate New York hospitals, where the demand is less. 



BILLY JOEL's oldest daughter, Alexa Ray Joel (34) who's mother is model Christie Brinkley, has been engaged to entrepreneur Ryan Gleason since January 2018. The planned wedding was to take place this year, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the wedding has now been put on hold.  


March 29, 2020
Billy Joel news.

Below is a special message and photo from BILLY JOEL and wife Alexis, commenting about the Coronavirus pandemic and the way our New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo is stepping up and leading the way in the United States epicenter of this virus here in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo is a 24/7, 365 days a year Governor. Besides governing, below are photos of his involvement in such events as the yearly 9-11 Memorials, the 'Friends of the Harbor' clean up.... and way too much more to mention! The Governor is shown below, photographed with BILLY JOEL, wife Alexis Joel and their children, which are the Governor's godchildren, and the special message.  

                                                                 Billy Joel                     New York Governor Andrew Cuomo   

                                                                          Billy Joel       New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 

                                                                Billy Joel                  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo   

                                                        Remy Anne, Billy Joel,    Alexis, Della Rose,  Governor Andrew Cuomo              

March 20, 2020
Billy Joel news.

As assumed in our March 14, 2020 Blog, BILLY JOEL's two other upcoming concerts, the April 18, 2020 concert at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N. Carolina and the May 2, 2020 concert at New York's Madison Square Garden were postponed and rescheduled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The new dates are April 17, 2021 and November 13, 2020 respectively. All tickets to previous dates honored on new dates. Rescheduling is possible for other furture concerts. Check back to this website, for updates.   

March 14, 2020
Billy Joel news.

Due to the (Coronavirus, COVID-19) outbreak, BILLY JOEL's concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City on March 19, 2020 and April 10, 2020, are postponed and rescheduled to September 26, 2020, and October 11, 2020 respectively.
Also in jeopardy of being postponed and rescheduled, are the April 18, 2020 BILLY JOEL concert at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N. Carolina, and BILLY JOEL's May 2, 2020 concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Check back later this month, on this website, for lastest information on possible date changes.  




                                        What the Coronavirus looks like when viewed electron microscopically!   

March 11, 2020
Billy Joel news.

I meet BILLY JOEL for the first time in 1976 on Long Island, New York when he was an up and coming musician. (I was starstruck, hence this website) Known mostly in the Tri-state area back then (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) BILLY JOEL constantly toured the country to promote himself and his music. Well 45 years later, BILLY JOEL is known all over the world! BILLY JOEL has held concerts in Japan, Russia, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc... and just recently, he performed at Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico, where the native tongue is Spanish, but everyone sang the chorus to 'Piano Man' in English! Below are two videos, with photos, from the March 6, 2020 Mexico City BILLY JOEL concert!
'Piano Man' (Best video > 7:08 min by - S P)  Encore: 'You My Be Right' (Best video > 9:14 min by - Dan Delaney)   

   IMG_20200309_155055.jpg-1583953257_2020_Mobile_Small_Mobile.jpg   images_mexico_city_with_cap_Custom.jpg    IMG_20200307_110716.jpg-1583953489_2020_Mobile.jpg
                               Edmund    George                BILLY JOEL, Mexico City, Mexico                  Edmund going wild in Mexico!

I had the pleasure of meeting the two
BILLY JOEL fans on right, Edmund and
George, at a BILLY JOEL pre-concert
dinner on November 15, 2019 for the MSG 
concert in New York City! Pictured here
are the two, true-blue, die-hard fans of
BILLY JOEL at the Mexico City concert! 
I'm photographed (November 2019 Blog
with both of them, and they're wearing
the same BILLY JOEL concert shirts that
they wear to every BILLY JOEL concert!
And these guys attend them all, no matter 

February 27, 2020
Billy Joel news.

The last time BILLY JOEL played the 'Garden' in New York City, on January 25, 2020, burglars broke into his home, smashed twelve of his motorcylcles and trashed his home office! Well, BILLY JOEL has apparently ramped-up security at his estate with state-of-the-art CCTV cameras, floodlights, alarms, guard dogs and guns! During his concert at Madison Square Garden on February 20, 2020 - BILLY JOEL dares the burglars to try it again!



January 30, 2020
Billy Joel news.


                  TMZ photo of a not-so-happy BILLY JOEL during the investigation (Police officer in background)

The weekend of January 25/26 some 'Big Shot' broke into BILLY JOEL's Centre Island, New York mansion, trashing and damaging a dozen motorcycles that were in his garage, as well as his home office! BILLY JOEL discovered the break-in and damage when he retuned home Monday morning on 1/27/20, and called the police. The police 'May Be Right' when they said, 'It Just May Be A Lunatic They're Looking For'. Understandably, BILLY JOEL is upset and an 'Angry Young Man', knowing that someone would trespass onto his property and damage his treasured personal motorcycles. The police are under 'Pressure' to find and arrest the culprit to this crime, fast! The intruder gained access into the house by smashing the glass to the door that leads into the garage.   

                                Actual photo provided by TMZ

        TMZ photos of Nassau County Police and Centre Island Police investigating crime scene at BILLY JOEL's estate.


I love reading mystery novels. I watch Forensic Files, CSI and Court TV, and should have became a private investigator, but I didn't. But I will tell you this, my theory on this BILLY JOEL break-in.

I have been living on the north shore of Long Island, N.Y. where the crime occurred, three miles from BILLY JOEL's estate, for thirty years. I know much about the area, and I have some theories.

The suspects: (1). A furious, annoyed and irate neighbor on Centre Island who hired someone to carry out this crime.
(2). A business deal gone bad within the last two years. (3). A disgruntled ex-employee. According to the police report, nothing was stolen or missing. Odd? But twelve of BILLY JOEL's motorcycles that were kept in his garage, were smashed and damaged, and his home office was trashed. So this was not a burglary, this was personal!

Opportunity: It was a known fact that BILLY JOEL would be in concert at New York's Madison Square Garden on Saturday night 1/25/20, and nobody would be home. Arriving by car would not be an option for the intruder. The village of Centre Island, N.Y. is a peninsula. One way in, and one way out. The Centre Island police would notice all vehicles entering or leaving. But if this were true, the trespasser would have to leave their vehicle on a private street, where parking is prohibited, in front of the estate's gate, hop a fence, walk the grounds (16 acres) towards the house, and then come back the same way he came in. Not likely. The intruder probably arrived from the rear of the estate by skiff (a small boat), via Oyster Bay harbor to the shoreline, or walked the shoreline from a residence on Centre Island, under the cover of night.  

Motives: There are several. First, BILLY JOEL has been renovating his estate for years. Adding additions to his mansion for his expanding family, adding a dock for his boats, and a helipad (helicopter landing pad) for commuting convenience. Hence, constant construction and noise, most certainly annoying neighbors.

Secondly, due to a local ordinance, no docks could be built after 1960 in this area. The docks that were alreadly there, prior to that year, were grandfathered in. Many residences did apply for permits to build docks, but were denied, including BILLY JOEL. But BILLY JOEL had a dock built for his three boats, within the past two years, maybe because he has a personal relationship with the Govenor of New York State, and who is also the Godfather to two of BILLY JOEL's daughters. So some people may have resented that BILLY JOEL got special treatment allowing him to build his dock, when others could not.

And thirdly, and most likely, his helipad, in which there are now (4) four on Centre Island. BILLY JOEL commutes via helicopter to his gigs in New York City and out of state concerts to JFK via helicopter. Although it's usually only 20x times a month, most neighbors are annoyed by the noise in this otherwise quiet community. BILLY JOEL was the latest resident to get a helipad on Centre Island, N.Y., and neighbors have now had enough of helipads and the noise, taking their complaints to the town board.

So the Centre Island Board of Trustees limited helicopter take-offs and landings from Centre Island, N.Y. But there are other people who live on Centre Island, who commute daily (40x times a month) into Manhattan by helicopter, and are probably furious and enraged due to now limited take-offs and landings, and may be blaming BILLY JOEL for the town boards decision for limited use. (Centre Island to New York City by car- 2 hours, by helicopter- 15 minutes) 

So, could it be one of the neighbors who hired the intruder that had BILLY JOEL's motorcycles smashed and his home office trashed? My instinct tells me the prime suspect would be one of BILLY JOEL's upset  neighbors. I would also consider and question people who had recent BILLY JOEL business dealings gone bad, and all ex-employees who might have felt slighted. Everyone mentioned above is a suspect, though I believe it was one of the neighbors. I have no proof or evidence of anything, so this is all speculation on my part as an amateur sleuth. But I will tell you this, whoever did orchestrate this crime was sending BILLY JOEL a message. Because this was not a burglary, this was personal!      


January 28, 2020
Billy Joel news.

At BILLY JOEL's monthly Madison Square Garden concert in New York City, a special music guest showed up!
None other than Jon Bon Jovi. See Video: by JOEL FN


January 19, 2020
Billy Joel news.

BILLY JOEL likes to winter in Florida (we call them snowbirds) from December to April, to get away from New York's harsh cold winters. But because he as an obligation to play New York's Madison Square Garden every month, it looks like he'll fly back-and-forth, north-to-south from Florida, Mexico and N. Carolina to New York, for months!   



December 11, 2019 - BILLY JOEL @ Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y.

January 10, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Florida.

January 25, 2020 - BILLYJOEL @ Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y.

February 7, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Amelie Arena, Tampa, Florida.

February 20, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y.

March 6, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico.

March 19, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y.  

April 10, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Madison Square Garden, New York, N.Y.

April 18, 2020 - BILLY JOEL @ Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, N. Carolina.


December 23, 2019
Billy Joel news.


December 12, 2019
Billy Joel news.

BILLY JOEL donated all proceeds from his 'Birthday concert' at Madison Square Garden in May, to support the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, Long Island, N.Y. (Read story, see slide show photos) For his generosity, The Adoption Center had BILLY JOEL themed 'cat rooms' built and dedicated in his honor. 

                           Photos: Rob Rich /





November 17, 2019
Billy Joel News.

What a BILLY JOEL weekend I had! On Friday, November 15, 2019 I saw my 26th BILLY JOEL concert at New York's Madison Square Garden! Then the next night, Saturday November 16th, I saw 'The Lords of 52nd Street' in Wayne, New Jersey at the Shea Center for Performing Arts! 'The Lords of 52nd Street' consist of the 'original' BILLY JOEL band members, Richie Cannata (saxophone, clarinet, flute, keyboard), Liberty DeVitto (drums) and Russell Javors (lead, rhythm guitar). They were just spot-on AMAZING! 

I attended these shows with my good friend and author Jon Brett, who wrote the book, 'BILLY JOEL: Tales of an Innocent Fan'. The first evening started out with a pre-concert dinner at the Irish Pub 'Stout', which is across the street from Madison Square Garden, with a group of like minded BILLY JOEL fans, who were truly accommodating and great people! 


                                                               The BILLY JOEL pre-concert dinner group



                                                            Eric                      Edmund                   Jon Brett



                                                                              THE CONCERT 


              BILLY JOEL concert November 15, 2019 @ Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York.

                   thumbnail_11_mike_Mobile_Mobile.jpg          thumbnail_11_billy_joel_on_stage1_Mobile.jpg                                            I gave Mike a shout-out before he went on stage!                   BILLY JOEL on stage!                 

     thumbnail_11_horns_on_stage_Mobile.jpg  thumbnail_11_turkey_hat_Mobile.jpg  thumbnail_11_licence_plate_Mobile.jpg                                                 Movin' Out horns!                      BILLY JOEL wears a turkey hat!           I spotted Eric with the JOEL FN plate!   


                                                           As the concert ends, BILLY JOEL waves good-bye!



                                                                        AFTER THE CONCERT

The concert was phenomenal, as always! And I'll go to BILLY JOEL concerts until there are no more! After the concert, the dinner group would meet to go out for drinks. Well there's a thousand bars in New York City, but we were told to go to one particular bar called BAR NINE, located at 807 Ninth Ave. between 53rd and 54th streets, for a reason. There might be some special guests showing up! (It seems that somebody in the dinner group knows somebody, that knows somebody) 

And sure enough, who strolls in? None other then Tommy Byrnes, BILLY JOEL's lead guitarist, who we just saw in concert! And then who comes in? Crystal Taliefero, BILLY JOEL's percussionist! I couldn't believe it, it was really them! Could it get any better then this? Well, yes it could!

                             thumbnail_11_me_and_Tommy_Mobile.jpg                      thumbnail_11_crystal_Mobile.jpg
                                      Me and Tommy Byrnes                                                   Crystal Taliefero

They would eventually be coaxed to get on stage at this Piano bar and perform a duet together!
Tommy played the piano, while Crystal sang Aretha Franklin's (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Women! 



                                                                           THE NEXT DAY

Then the next night, November 16th, 2019 we all went to Wayne, New Jersey to see BILLY JOEL's 'original' band, who call themselves, 'The Lords of 52nd Street'. Members include, Richie Cannata, Liberty DeVitto, Russell Javors, minus Doug Stegmeyer, who we tragically lost in 1995. The 'Lords' performed BILLY JOEL's early music and songs flawlessly, having been the 'original' BILLY JOEL band! A must see show! They were amazing! There's many BILLY JOEL cover bands out there, with Mike DelGuidice's 'Big Shot' likely the best, but there's nothing like the sound of the 'original' band!    


                                                                                                                       (Billy Joel's original band)
                                                    Doug Stegmeyer      Russell Javors        Billy Joel      Liberty DeVitto           Richie Cannata



                                           Russell Javors                  Richie Cannata                   Liberty DeVitto

                                                Snippet of ♫ 'Italian restaurant'♫ Richie Cannata on saxophone.

                                       The last notes of ♫ 'Billy the Kid'♫ by 'The Lords of 52nd Street'.