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January 4, 2023
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                                       HAPPNEYEAR / 2O2!

       thumbnail.jpg                                                                                                              Photo: Myrna Suarez

December 12, 2022
Billy Joel news.





November 24, 2022
Billy Joel news.


                                                                         HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL FROM . . .


November 12, 2022
Billy Joel news.



On 11/11/2022, BILLY JOEL performed to a SOLD OUT crowd at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Me, being a BILLY JOEL fan for over 50+ years (I was raised on Long Island, N.Y. like Billy, and met him for the first time in 1977) I find it amazing that towards the end of his career, BILLY JOEL is now more popular then ever! So, for those who could not attend the show, a video of the full concert (2:01:58 min) provided by RONALD LIPPMAN, can be seen > here  (If you have the time, a must see concert!)     


November 1, 2022
Billy Joel news.


                                                                  Blast from the past! A couple of ditty's from BILLY JOEL's Halloween concert (2019)



October 5, 2022
Billy Joel news.


Back in the day CD's replaced cassette tapes, and cassette tapes replaced 8 track. But at the time, CD's were revolutionary. A clear, crisp way of listening to music. But with technology always advancing, CD's have become basically obsolete, and replaced by streaming and other platforms. So who released the first ever CD back in the day? 

October 1, 2022 marks the 40th anniversary (1982) of the release of the first albums on CD. So . . . which was the first CD ever released? There are a few albums vying for the title of ''first CD ever released'', and how you phase the question makes a difference. 

BILLY JOEL's '52nd Street'  tends to get listed as the first CD to be released commercially, but that's not entirely accurate, as it was just one of 50 CD albums released in Japan on October 1, 1982. But '52nd Street'  just so happens to be the first listed in the catalog, so it gets the 'tag' as the ''first CD album ever released''. So 50 'CD' albums first released in 1982, and BILLY JOEL's '52nd Street' is listed first? How did that happen? Let's just call it luck, by chance, fate, a fluke? But whatever the reason, I'm sure BILLY JOEL is not complaining about being listed number 1 in the catalog!   

You can read the entire article by Andre Calilhanna of Disc Makers Blog here.     


September 25, 2022
Billy Joel news.

                        BILLY JOEL @ Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas
                                                                 >  September 23, 2022  <

                          > Start me up / In the still of the night / The Longest Time <          > Piano Man <                                                                                         

September 13, 2022
Billy Joel news.

Photo taken on September 9, 2022 at New York's Madison Square Garden by BILLY JOEL's tour photogtapher, Myrna Suarez, before the concert that Friday night during 'sound check'. 

                                   Photo: Myrna Suarez
                                                                     BILLY JOEL's BAND

                                   Left to right - Mike DelGuidice, David Rosenthal, Carl Fischer, Andy Cichon,
                                   Mark Rivera, Billy Joel, Chuck Burgi, Crystal Taliefero, Tommy Byrnes


September 4, 2022
Billy Joel news.

TRUE STORY: Back in the mid - 1980's when BILLY JOEL was married to his 2nd wife Christie Brinkley, they first lived at 1 Lloyd Harbor Rd, Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, N.Y. (pictured below)

                                                    BILLY JOEL's former estate, Lloyd Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.


This true story was told to me, first hand, by the man pictured below, Steve Weber (no relation to BILLY JOEL's 1st wife Elizabeth Weber) who was employed by Haven Pools of Huntington, Long Island, N.Y. at the time. Well, BILLY JOEL contracted to have the pool cleaned at this estate while away, and Steve Weber was assigned the job. After completing cleaning the pool, and thinking BILLY JOEL and Christie wouldn't be back for at least another day or two, he invited his friends over for a pool party, when to his shock and surprise, BILLY JOEL and Christie came home early! Caught and fired, Steve now works on Long Island, N.Y. as an auto mechanic.
(BILLY JOEL can corroborate this story!) 

                                                                   Steve Weber

August 1, 2022
Billy Joel news.

Most BILLY JOEL fans would know BILLY JOEL's past and present band members, specifically his drummers. Chuck Burgi is his current drummer, who has been a member of BILLY JOEL's band since 2006 - present. (16 years)                                                 


Prior to Chuck Burgi was Liberty DeVitto. Liberty DeVitto was BILLY JOEL's drummer from 1976 - 2006. (30 years) These were the years that BILLY JOEL produced his award winning Grammy albums and singles. Starting with 'Turnstiles' (1976), 'The Stranger' (1977), '52nd Street' (1978), 'Glass Houses' (1980), 'The Nylon Curtain' (1982), 'An Innocent Man' (1983), 'The Bridge' (1986), 'Storm Front' (1989), and 'River of Dreams' (1993). Liberty DeVitto, without a doubt, was a musical force and a contributing factor in BILLY JOEL achieving his success. 


But who remembers BILLY JOEL's 'original' drummer? He was BILLY JOEL's drummer from 1971 -1975. (5 years) He toured with BILLY JOEL promoting the albums 'Cold Spring Harbor' (1971), 'Piano Man' (1973), and 'Streetlife Serenade' (1974). Fact: BILLY JOEL was the 'Best Man' at this drummers wedding to wife Marilyn (50+ years ago, and still married!) AND, Elizabeth Weber, BILLY JOEL's girlfriend at the time, was the 'Maid of Honor'! BILLY JOEL's 'original' drummer is still alive and living in California. They are still the best of friends, and BILLY JOEL keeps in touch with him till this day! His name is Rhys Clark.  

                                                Rhys Clark - 2022 Photo: ©Jon Brett


July 4, 2022
Billy Joel news.

                      Happy 7th Anniversary Alexis & Bill!


                                                                                    Married July 4th, 2015

BILLY JOEL married Alexis Roderick in a surprise wedding announcement at his annual 4th of July barbecue, which was attended by 150 guests in 2015. But the past few years the barbecue celebration has been canceled due to Covid-19. So because of this, and by chance, I ran into BILLY JOEL on July 4, 2020, seemingly a little depressed about not being able to have the barbecue celebration on this special day. See photos and read about the encounter below.

                                                     Click > July 4, 2020 Blog Archive. Read the story, see the photos.
                                                     Video / Photos: ©John Marchut - July 4, 2020



July 3, 2022
Billy Joel news.

                                              60 Minutes Australia BILLY JOEL interview. Released July 3, 2022 !

                                              Feelin' Alright: Piano Man BILLY JOEL's remarkable transformation.


                                                 A must see! >  (16:58 min)


June 13, 2022
Billy Joel news.

As BILLY JOEL tours the country in 2022  Notre Dame Stadium, Notre Dame, Indiana, June 25, 2022  Comerica Park, Detroit, Michigan, July 9, 2022  PNC Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 11, 2022  Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas, September 23, 2022, he performs at New York's Madison Square Garden to a SOLD OUT crowd every month!
This past June 10, 2022 was his record breaking 80th consecutive concert at MSG, and 125th overall at this venue! 



                                                                             New York    BILLY JOEL!  


                                              > Video: Recorded 'live' on June 10, 2022 @ MSG by JoTheBaer


May 9, 2022
Billy Joel news.

                               HAPP73RD BIRTHDAY BILL!


                                  William Martin Joel - Born May 9, 1949 - Bronx, New York. 

April 2, 2022
Billy Joel news.


                                             BILLY JOEL's debut album, released in 1971, was titled 'Cold Spring Harbor'.


Why? Because album titles have meaning to the recording artist. So when BILLY JOEL named his first solo album 'Cold Spring Harbor' it was because in the 1960's, as a youth, he would go there with his friends, 'borrow' a rowboat from shore and explore the harbor and 'party'. This picturesque and serene harbor on the north shore of Long Island, N.Y. inspired BILLY JOEL and apparently held a memory he cherished. There's mention of 'Cold Spring Harbor' in a song on this album, 'Everybody Loves You Now'. (Recorded 'live' @ Sparks in 1981) And a recent performance of 'Everybody Loves You Now'. (Recorded 'live' @ MSG in 2019)   

                                                   Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N.Y. 


Well, as BILLY JOEL became a well known rock legend, the town of Huntington, where Cold Spring Harbor is located, decided in 1991 to dedicate a park there in BILLY JOEL's name. 

                            The ceremony was attended by Town Board members, onlookers, and BILLY JOEL's mom, Rosalind. 






> > > And did you know that another famous musician was so captivated with this area of Long Island, N.Y., that
he bought a house on the shores of Cold Spring Harbor? The house was located across from BILLY JOEL park.
Care to take a wild guess before scolling down?
















None other then, JOHN LENNON! Yep, John Lennon of the Beatles! John Lennon purchased the Cannon Hill estate, located at 1420 Ridge Rd., Laurel Hollow, Long Island, N.Y. in 1979, diagonally across from BILLY JOEL park.



                    John Lennon and Yoko Ono owned this house on Cold Spring Harbor from 1979 until his untimely death in 1980.

                                                John loved sailing this harbor, especially with his then young son Sean.


Watch > video (5:29 min) of John, Yoko, friends and son Sean, having brunch at the Cold Spring Harbor estate in May, 1980. 
And sadly, just seven (7) months later on December 8, 1980, he would be gone.