Billy Joel Trivia Answers






1. The numbers in trivia question #1 are house address numbers from some of the homes BILLY JOEL has lived in on Long Island, New York.
a. 20 Meeting Lane, Hicksville, Long Island, New York. The address of BILLY JOEL's childhood house. (Photo Album 1)
Lloyd Harbor Road, Lloyd Neck, Long Island, New York. The address of the first house BILLY JOEL and 2nd ex-wife Christie Brinkley moved into after getting married. (Photo Album 2)
Centre Island Road, Centre Island, Long Island, New York. The address of the estate known as Middlesea, where BILLY JOEL and 3rd ex- wife, Katie
Lee, were married and lived. And now, 4th wife, Alexis Roderick. BILLY JOEL still owns this estate and currently resides.
(Photo Album 2)
d. 149
Cove Neck Road, Cove Neck, Long Island, New York. The address of the "Glass House" where BILLY JOEL and 1st ex-wife, Elizabeth (Weber) Small,
lived. BILLY JOEL lived here from the mid 1970's to the early 1980's. House is shown on the front cover of BILLY JOEL's 1980 "Glass Houses" album. ALL above mansions, houses and estates are shown on THIS website! (Photo Album 2) and Google Earth!


2. What do the two huge billboard-size signs say, on the grounds of BILLY JOEL's Centre Island estate, on Long Island, New York, that warn approaching drivers about?

"GO SLOW SMALL DOGS" (Billy Joel owns a couple of Pugs)
I was personally on BILLY JOEL's Centre Island estate in the summer of 2009, and saw the signs with my own eyes!


3. The answer to trivia question #3 is... THREE!

*BILLY JOEL has now performed with Sir Paul McCartney THREE times
with their most recent collaboration on July 16, 2011 at McCartney's Yankee Sadium concert. BILLY JOEL also made a guest appearance at Sir Paul's opening CitiField concert on July 17, 2009! And, Sir Paul McCartney showed up, as a special guest, at BILLY JOEL's closing concert at Shea Stadium on July 18, 2008! The THREE concerts were all held in the month of July, in THREE different years and at THREE different venues!


4. Which original BILLY JOEL band member shot himself to death?

Douglas Alan Stegmeyer, BILLY JOEL's longtime bass player. Doug grew up in the same Syosset, Long Island, New York neighborhood as me (our hometown). As an acquaintance, I partied with Doug in our teenage years. This is how I came to know about BILLY JOEL. Doug joined his band as his bass player in 1974. And although BILLY JOEL grew up in Hicksville, Long Island, New York, he later hung-out in Syosset, Long Island where he meet his first wife (Elizabeth Weber Small), manager (Frank Weber), hairstylist (Mary Sue Weber), sound engineer (Brian Ruggles), and bass player (Doug Stegmeyer) and band members, (Jon Small, John Dizek, Richard McKenna, and Harry Weber) from a prior band BILLY JOEL was in named, "THE HASSLES"! All these band members were all from Syosset, and I knew them all. Also, this is the town where the famous "Italian Restaurant" is located. Sadly, for reasons known or unknown only to BILLY JOEL, Doug Stegmeyer, after playing bass guitar for Billy for almost 20 years, BILLY JOEL wanted a new bass player and never asked Doug to the next band rehearsal. He was hurt, left in the cold, and went into a deep depression. Douglas Alan Stegmeyer committed suicide and shot himself to death on August 24th, 1995.
(A Doug Stegmeyer Video Tribute)


5. What did BILLY JOEL and band member Jon Small have in common?

Both of their first wives' were the same person! Jon Small's first wife, Elizabeth Weber, had an affair with BILLY JOEL and after divorcing Jon Small, became BILLY JOEL's first wife! At the time, this ended
BILLY JOEL and Jon Small's friendship. But decades later, this incident did not stop their collaborations, because Jon Small is the same Jon Small that produced BILLY JOEL's 1987 KOHUEPT video, as well as, BILLY JOEL's 2008 "Live at Shea Stadium" movie video!


6. What was the name of the model that inspired the song "Uptown Girl"?

The name of the model who inspired the song "Uptown Girl" was... Elle Macpherson! While vacationing in the Caribbean, BILLY JOEL meet THREE models who were staying in the same hotel as he. They were, Elle Macpherson, Christie Brinkley and Whitney Houston. Inspired by the models, BILLY JOEL wrote the song "Uptown Girls", but changed the name of the song to "Uptown Girl" when he began to date Macpherson. After the song was written, and after Elle, BILLY JOEL started dating Christie Brinkley, and because Christie Brinkley later became his wife and was in the music video everyone assumes that the song was written about her, which is just not true. A new book, "The Girl in the Song" by Michael Heatley and Frank Hopkinson (available on Amazon) chronicles this and other artists songs behind these hidden inspirers. But in the end, after breaking up with Elle Macpherson, it was Christie Brinkley who stole Billy's heart, and she became his second wife!


> To see still photos of the "Glass House", located in Cove Neck, Long Island, New York, click > 'Coopers Bluff Estate'. There are several interesting websites pertaining to this estate, which was actually famous long before BILLY JOEL moved in. You can also see 'actual' and 'exclusive' (c)copyrighted photos of the famous "Glass House" (1980 "Glass Houses" album cover) when Billy Joel lived there, with his first wife, on this BILLY JOEL Photo Website. Photo Album 2