Billy Joel's Autograph


BILLY JOEL history! He was born William Martin Joel. As a youngster / teenager, his friends called him 'BILL'. But as he became famous, and through marketing and commercialization, he would become known as 'BILLY' Joel. In a chance encounter in the 1970's, before he became famous, BILL JOEL signed this beer coaster for me at Christiano's 'Italian Restaurant' (made famous by the song) which was located in Syosset, Long Island, New York. (Photos / encounter in Photo Album 3) This is how he signed his name on (checks, contracts, etc...) in the 'early' days! This 'rare' 8X10 quality print is processed by a professional photo studio and only a limited number of prints will be sold! A must see, must have of this 'extremely-rare' BILL JOEL autograph! Authenticity 100%! BILLY JOEL has posted this signed beer coaster on his website > This BILL JOEL memorabilia autograph makes a great gift for a true fan! $20Delivery in (1) one week, and shipping within the USA is FREE
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