Photo Album 3

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One evening in the summer of 1977, my ex-girlfriend and I walk into a restaurant/bar named 'Heads & Tails', which was located in Syosset, Long Island, New York. As we entered (it was a pretty good crowd for a Saturday) I noticed Billy Joel in a booth, alone (sitting in the darkness with his beer). As we made a beeline towards the booth, I realized that nobody in this crowded, jukebox playing, smoked filled bar, noticed Billy Joel in their midst! (Probably because he wasn't yet famous) but before his solo career, I knew him from a local band he was in named the 'Hassles'. As we reached the booth I asked Billy if we could join him and he said 'sure', (because it's better than drinking alone). As we talked, we found out that Billy was taking a break from recording his '5th' solo album, which proved to be his commercial breakthrough album and make him famous, and became Columbia Records biggest selling album from 1977 to 1985 named, 'The Stranger'! As we finished the first round of Budwiesers, I offered to get the second round. As I went up to the bar to get them, my girlfriend handed Billy this novelty card and this is what Billy Joel wrote, then signed! Authenticity 100%!
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