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July 5, 2015
Billy Joel gets married for 4th time !

A wedding that surprised his unsuspecting guests, BILLY JOEL, 66, and longtime girlfriend Alexis Roderick, 33, who's pregnant with Billy's baby, got married during BILLY JOEL's annual 4th of July Independence Day party at BILLY JOEL's estate on Centre Island, N.Y., New York Govenor Andrew M. Cuomo presided over Saturday's nuptials. Joel's daughter, singer-songwriter Alexa Ray, 29, from his 2nd marriage with Christie Brinkley, was part of a small group of guests and friends who were there to witness the vows. This is the first marriage for Roderick, a former senior risk officer for Morgan Stanley and an accomplished equestrian. This is BILLY JOEL's fourth.


                                       Wedding photo: Myrna Suarez

July 2, 2015
Billy Joel makes history !

Last night BILLY JOEL made history by becoming the first solo artist to have performed at New York's Madison Square Garden, a record breaking 65 times, surpassing Sir Elton John's record of 64 shows ! Contractually, BILLY JOEL performs every month at MSG to SOLD OUT shows, due to demand, and there seems to be no end in sight ! New York BILLY JOEL !

                                                                               Photo: John Marchut                                                                    

June 17, 2015
Pope Francis vs Billy Joel.

The Pope is visiting the U.S. and BILLY JOEL is standing down ! Pope Francis is visiting the U.S. this September, and with a stop in New York, plans on celebrating Mass at New York's Madison Square Garden the same day BILLY JOEL has a concert scheduled ! So, BILLY JOEL has decided to reschedule his SOLD OUT Friday, September 25, 2015 show to the next day, Saturday 26, 2015, to accommodate the Pope. All tickets for the Friday show will be honored the following night. During the Pope's six-day visit to the U.S., his hectic schedule will include, a meeting with President Obama at the White House, address Congress in Washington, D.C., attend a church rally in Philadelphia, visit Independence Hall, hold religious service at the World Trade Center - 9/11 Memorial, hold evening prayer at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, then speak at the United Nations prior to his MSG Mass celebration ! BILLY JOEL's decision to reschedule his concert for the Pope, can only help come Judgment Day !


June 13, 2015
Billy Joel News !

For those of you who are reading this BILLY JOEL blog NOW, Saturday, June 13, 2015, there's a (30 min) BILLY JOEL TV Special on tonight (USA) that's a must see for all fans ! Tonight on NBC's Channel 4, 7pm EST, BILLY JOEL: Home At The Garden. Watch behind-the-scenes preparations for BILLY JOEL's concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden, with interviews of band members, roadies and BILLY JOEL rehearsing for the shows !

June 6, 2015
Billy Joel to surpass Sir Elton John's MSG record !

 Sir Elton John holds the record for the most performances at the world's most famous arena, New York's Madison Square Garden. But that record is about to be tied, then passed, by BILLY JOEL ! Elton John has played a record 64 shows at MSG. But BILLY JOEL will tie that record this month, on June 20th, 2015 and, on JULY 1, 2015 surpass Elton at 65 performances ! BILLY JOEL has been performing at the Garden each month (with surprise musical guests) since 2014, and promises to do so as long as there's a demand to see him perform. So far, every show has SOLD OUT ! New York BILLY JOEL 


                                                                                Photo: John Marchut                                                                                                   

May 9, 2015
Today is Billy Joel's Birthday !

Today, Saturday May 9th, 2015 BILLY JOEL celebrates his 66th Birthday !

                                            HAPPBIRTHDABILLY !  

May 2, 2015
Billy Joel News.

BILLY JOEL among those to receive Honorary Degree, give speech at Long Island's Stony Brook University. Those in attendence will hear the 'Piano Man' address the class of 2015 on May 22 during commencement ceremonies, along with Charles Wang (former Computer Associates CEO) 


Tickets for BILLY JOEL's concert at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum went on sale May 1, 2015, for the August 4, 2015 show, and SOLD OUT in less than five minutes ! 


Want the "Piano Man's" autograph or a letter answered from BILLY JOEL ? Here's BILLY JOEL's Fan Mail Address: BILLY JOEL, Maritime Music Inc., 34 Audrey Avenue, Unit 5, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, 11771-1559. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to above address and allow 3+ months for a response. BILLY JOEL personally reads and signs all requests.

April 25, 2015
Billy Joel to be last act at Long Island, N.Y. arena !

BILLY JOEL is closing down yet another New York venue. BILLY JOEL, who played the last concerts at Shea Stadium (home to the N.Y. Mets, before being torn down for a new stadium, now named Citifield) will be the final act at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, New York. This will be BILLY JOEL's 32nd appearance at this arena. This was the home to the N.Y. Islanders hockey team since 1972, who are now going to move to Brooklyn, New York's Barclay Center next season. A smaller-capacity arena is set to reopen at the Uniondale site in 2016. The last show at the Nassau Coliseum, featuring BILLY JOEL, will be August 4, 2015.


April 15, 2015
Billy Joel to become a Dad again !

Yes it's true ! BILLY JOEL to become a father again at age 65 ! BILLY JOEL and longtime girlfriend, (they started dating back in 2009) Alexis Roderick, are expecting their first child together ! The baby is due this summer, (it's a girl) ! This will be BILLY JOEL's second child. His first child, 29 year old singer / songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, was conceived with 2nd ex-wife Christie Brinkley. Roderick, who turns 34 next month, (the same month Billy was born, he'll be 66 May 9th) is a former Morgan Stanley vice president and an accomplished equestrian. Congratulations to both !


March 30, 2015
Billy Joel's 'Pianoman'

The BILLY JOEL song 'PIANOMAN', from his 2nd solo album of the same name, has through the years, become his signature song. In 1985, a new "OFFICIAL" Pianoman music video was made to replace the amateurish "ORIGINAL". Did you ever see the 1973 "ORIGINAL" Pianoman music video ? This was before MTV ! (Billy Joel had the 1973 "ORIGINAL" removed from imagesCAM8MY6R-YouTubelogox50.jpg,  so THIS video is extremely RARE !)

February 28, 2015
Billy Joel gets engaged, AGAIN !

Already having three marriages under his belt, BILLY JOEL must figure that the fourth time is the charm. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Piano Man is engaged yet again. This time to longtime girlfriend, Alexis Roderick.


February 25, 2015
Record cold winter persauded Billy Joel to...

The record cold winter in the northeast probably had a bearing in BILLY JOEL's decision to purchase another oceanfront mansion, for $22 million, in Manalapan, south of Palm Beach. He already owns a $12 million home here and also bought an empty lot beside it. All three Joel-owned properties are located on S. Ocean Blvd. Maybe he's going to combine all three properties into one enormous complex.

February 7, 2015
Billy Joel and Sir Elton John unite once again !

You might have heard some rumors about BILLY JOEL touring with Sir Elton John again, well it's true ! Yes, these two "Piano Men" will once again perform together in a number of tour dates this year ! Visit this website soon, / blog, for upcoming dates in your area !


January 10, 2015
Billy Joel reveals why he'll never make another album again !

BILLY JOEL's last album, "River of Dreams" was released 22 years ago, yet he's enjoying a resurgence with his music from the past, at age 65 ! Basically, he quit while on top and has nothing new to say or write to record a really good, new album. Joel says... "Some people think it's because I'm lazy or I'm just being contrary. But no, I think it's just--I've had my say." Joel says when other artists continue to cash in on their name past their prime, the results aren't pretty. ..."I've seen artists on that treadmill, putting out albums year after year, and the albums get worse and worse, less and less interesting, and it's, like, maybe you should stop." Another reason Joel declines to put out new music, though, is also the simplest: Joel, at 65, isn't up for the grueling hub-bub that goes into making a new album anymore. Joel says... "I'm not crazy about going into a recording studio and doing that kind of life again...Or taking on another project where there's other people involved--arrangers and orchestrators and conductors and producers. I don't want to deal with it". And he dosen't have to ! BILLY JOEL is the third best-selling solo artist in the U.S.A. ! (Garth Brooks #1, Elvis Presley #2) achieving 33 Top 40 hits ! He has sold 150 million records worldwide. He is a six-time Grammy Award winner (1978-(2),1979-(2),1980-(1),1990-(1), was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (1992), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1999), recieved the Johnny Mercer Award (2001), the Long Island Music Hall of Fame (2006), the Kennedy Center Honors (2013), and most recently, the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Centennial Award and the prestigious Library of Congress Gershwin Prize (both in 2014), as well as, other honors and achievements too numerous to mention. BILLY JOEL knows he has nothing left to prove by producing another album. Can you blame him for not wanting to record another album, and with being content with his career up until now ?

December 12, 2014
Billy Joel sells out 20th consecutive show at MSG !

BILLY JOEL has SOLD OUT a record breaking, unprecedented, 20 consecutive shows at New York's Madison Square Garden, and counting !


                                            Photo: John Marchut