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October 25, 2014
The latest Billy Joel news !

BILLY JOEL's 2nd ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, thinks it would be great if her daughter with BILLY JOEL, Alexa Ray Joel, sang a duet together. "She has proven herself (she's an  accomplished pianist) and she should say to herself, 'I'm the daughter of a legend... I'm so lucky and I want to sing with my dad while I can," Brinkley told Hampton Sheet's Joan Jedell. "Look at Natalie Cole, she had to sing with a film [of her dad, Nat King Cole]... I  don't want that to happen, I want them to work together. I think it would be logical now for them to be able to do something together".

September 30, 2014
A Billy Joel tribute to Joe Cocker !

BILLY JOEL sings a Joe Cocker Tribute, recorded
"Live" @ Madison Square Garden on 9/17/2014.

(Original song written by Paul McCartney and
John Lennon in 1967)

September 20, 2014
New York's Governor and Billy Joel help the environment, again !

In their annual ritual, BILLY JOEL and New York's
Governor Andrew Cuomo, attend and pitch in, for the
21st annual Oyster Bay Beach and Harbor Cleanup
on Long Island, New York. (September 20, 2014)


                                   Photo: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

August 23, 2014
Billy Joel's original band reunites !

It's been almost 20 years since BILLY JOEL's original
band broke up, after lawsuits, (LIBERTY DeVITTO sued
JOEL over royalties in 2009) and (the suicide of bassist
DOUG STEGMEYER in 1995), have been together. But,
or the first time since then, the band, LIBERTY DeVITTO
(drums), RICHIE CANNATA (saxophone) and RUSSELL
JAVORS (backing vocalist, guitarist) not pictured, will be
on the same stage when they are inducted into the Long
Island Music Hall of Fame during a dinner at Long Island's
Paramount Theater in Huntington, New York on October
23, 2014.
Sadly, BILLY JOEL will not be able to attend,
claiming th
rough a spokesperson, that he will be out of
the country that night. mmm, ???


                            L. DeVitto, D. Stegmeyer, B. Joel, R. Cannata

August 9, 2014
Billy Joel News !

BILLY JOEL's $20 million mansion in Sagaponack,
Long Island, N.Y. finally sells after being on the market for
five (5) years ! The buyer, Tom Iovino, whose Judlau Inc.
contracting firm has over $1 billion worth of contracts with
New York City's MTA, paid $19.9 million for the oceanfront
estate previously owned by the late "Jaws" actor
Roy Scheider.

BILLY JOEL never sells the front seats at his concerts !
Instead, his people go to the back of the venues he plays in,
and treats people in the cheap seats ! This is so BILLY JOEL
can see the real fans right in front of him, not just the well
off and affluent who can afford these seats !
I wish more performers would do this, don't you ?

Known to his millions of fans as "The Piano Man", his
daugher, Alexa Ray Joel, also knows her dad as...
"The Pasta Man" ! She recently posted these photos of her
dad cooking a family recipe of spagetti, in his kitchen, on



July 23, 2014
Billy Joel to receive National Honor.

BILLY JOEL has been selected to receive the Library of
Congress' Gershwin Prize. BILLY JOEL will be just the
sixth person to recieve this prestigious honor that
recognizes individuals for lifetime achievement in popular

July 15, 2014
Billy Joel's mother, Rosalind Nyman Joel, dies at age 92.

BILLY JOEL's mother dies of natural causes on Sunday


              index-billy_joel_and_mom_young.jpg               billyy-joel-and_-mom.jpg

                         Then                 and       now.

June 28, 2014
Billy Joel to the rescue !

BILLY JOEL became a good samaritan on Monday (6/23/14)
in the village of East Hampton, Long Island, New York.
While cruising on
one of his many motorcycle's, he saw a
woman fall in the crosswalk and came to her aid. BILLY
JOEL lent a hand to the EMT's and carried the woman's
belongings to the side of the road. He then stayed and
chatted with the unidentified woman
while she was being
See photo below.


                          Photo: Matt Agudo / INFphoto

June 21, 2014
Billy Joel selling house at reduced price, $19,995,000. !

BILLY JOEL is relisting and reducing price on beach house
he bought for then third ex-wife Katie Lee, and is on the
market again. As part of their divorce settlement Katie Lee
received, not this, but the townhouse they shared in the
West Village section of New York City, in which she
promptly sold for $12,000,000. This house, located in
Sagaponack, Long Island, N.Y. sits on the beach facing the
Atlantic ocean, and is no longer wanted or needed by BILLY
JOEL. Bought in 2007, BILLY JOEL listed the house, after
the divorce, for $25,000,000. The price has been reduced
twice and is now listed again for $19,995,000. Interested ?
View photos of interior / exterior of house.                           

May 24, 2014
Billy Joel's "Original" Pianoman video !

The BILLY JOEL song 'Pianoman', from his 2nd solo album,
has through the years, become his 'Signature Song'. In 1985,
the "Official" Pianoman music video was made, replacing
the "Original" Pianoman music video. You might remember
the 1985 version, but do you remember, or have ever seen
the 1973 "Original" Pianoman video ? This was before MTV !

May 17, 2014
Billy Joel at the"Hollywood Bowl" !

Tonight, BILLY JOEL plays the first of three shows at the
famous "Hollywood Bowl" in Hollywood, California for the
FIRST time, ever ! Considering BILLY JOEL's five-decade
career, I find this hard to believe, but it's true ! The shows
are tonight, May 17, May 22 and May 27, 2014 !

May 11, 2014
Photos of Billy Joel's Birthday Concert !

At the last moment, I secured a ticket to BILLY
JOEL's SOLD OUT Birthday concert at New York's
Madison Square Garden on 5/09/2014 ! Ticket stub,
personal photos and video (snippet) of "Pianoman"
uploaded soon ! Below, is a backstage photo taken
at BILLY JOEL's Birthday concert. From left to right
are... Jimmy Fallon, Judd Apatow, Trudie Styler
(Sting's wife), BILLY JOEL, Sting, Howard Stern,
Beth Stern, and Paul Rudd. 

                  New York BILLY JOEL !

                      Photo: Kevin Mazur


     RSCN1102__1400380008_43878.jpg DSCN1022__1400383483_88416.jpg 
     DSCN1068__1400383539_73972.jpg DSCN0974__1400462256_25537.jpg  
    DSCN1032__1400462710_55390.jpg DSCN1061__1400462834_15968.jpg

                                  Photos: John Marchut  


May 9, 2014
Today, May 9th, is Billy Joel's Birthday !

Today is BILLY JOEL's Birthday ! BILLY JOEL will
celebrate his 65th Birthday
tonight, in concert, at
New York's Madison Square Garden !
will donate ALL proceeds from this May 9th Birthday
to the North Shore Animal League, the
world's largest animal rescue and adoption
organization. Not only will this concert be special,
because of the two above mentioned facts, but I
heard that some "Special
guests" might show up to
this SOLD OUT concert, to celebrate BILLY JOEL's
Birthday with him !

April 30, 2014
Nine (9) facts you didn't know about Billy Joel, from Billy Joel !

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, BILLY JOEL opens
up and reveals some little known facts about himself. For
three hours, Stern presided over a lively interview with the
media-shy Joel, punctuated with performances by some
admirers - Pink, Melissa Etheridge and Tony Bennett, to
name a few - and questions from celebrity fans Matt Lauer
and Rachael Ray. During their chat, Joel revealed the stories
behind some of his best knownsongs, joked about the
different paths his career could have taken, and let it be
known that he has absolutely no plans of making another
album. Revealed... in BILLY JOEL's own words !




 #1 - He went to Woodstock:
        "I was 20, I wanted to see Hendrix, but I only stayed for

             about a day and a half. I think you had to do acid (LSD)
        to stay there for three days".


 #2 - He tried heroin:
        "This was back in the late Seventies, I think. We were in
         Amsterdam, and there was all this stuff going on, so I
         said "Let me see what this is like," he told Stern. "It got
         me so high I didn't know how to deal with it". You just
         get way out, just go to another place. You start drooling,
         and you get sick".


  #3 - He has come to "embrace" his baldness:
        "It sucks. I started losing my hair when I was in my 50's.
         My dad was completely bald, and I said "Oh no, please,
         I'm in rock and roll, I need my hair," he joked. "I always
         had crappy hair anyway, and I used to torture it with a
         hairdryer and all this stuff, and it left me... I won't [wear
         a toupee]. I saw too many bad rugs in my life; if you're
         gonna go bald, embrace it".


 #4 - He is in awe of Tony Bennett:
        The eternally cool crooner was a surpise guest, turning
        up to perform "New York State of Mind". And if you
        thought the fans in attendance were amazed, well you
        should've seen Joel, who sat there starry eyed. It was
        the rare moment when he was actually rendered speech-

#5 - He wrote songs that inspired... and then some:  
        Pink got emotional while talking about listening to
        Joel's songs with her father and walking down the aisle
        (her wedding) to "Always a Woman". Melissa Etheridge
        proudly proclaimed that she always wanted to cover
        "Only The Good Die Young".


 #6 - He does impressions:
        Lots of them, including a pretty decent Elton John (Joel
        sang a few lines of "Your Song") a solid Frank Sinatra,
        and a passable Johnny Cash. His best, however, was a
        raspy take on Rod Stewart while singing... "Los
        Angelenos", a song he said he wrote for Rod Stewart,
        even if Rod "probably wasn't aware" he had done so.     


 #7 - He's not writing new songs:
       "I won't say 'I never', or 'I won't [write new songs]'
         I just don't", Joel sighed. "Everybody has a hard time
         understanding that: 'Why don't you write new songs' ?
       " Well, you have to want to write new songs".


  #8 - He's got plenty of jokes:
       "This is a throat spray, it's called 'The Entertainer's
       Secret', and it keeps your vocal chords moist", he
       explains to Stern. "I used to make a joke about seeing
       Madonna use it, but I changed it to, I saw Ted Nugent
       use it once, but it didn't really make him sound any better,
       because he probably wasn't spraying it up his ass".


#9 - He is very particular:
       "There's an error in the original sheet music of ['Just The
       Way You Are'], Joel said. "So people always play two
       chords in one spot. It's wrong, it's a suspension. So I gotta
       go over and correct the guy, every time I go into a place.
       I go over, and I go 'wrong' " !


April 11, 2014
The Ballad of Billy "The Kid" !

BILLY JOEL got to watch a BILLY JOEL concert the other
day ! The Piano Man himself was a surprise guest in the
audience at Glen Cove's Deasy Elementary School spring
concert, "The River of Dreams: A Billy Joel Tribute". In the
show, students (kindergartners through second-graders)
performed 15 songs from various phases of Joel's career.
BILLY JOEL drove to the Elementary School, via motor-
cycle, from his Centre Island mansion, which is only
fifteen minutes away. "We invited BILLY JOEL on a lark,
but didn't expect him to come. It was totally thrilling",
said Nomi Rosen, Deasy's principal. "We were all beside
ourselves". After hearing the children sing, Joel was
besieged with photo and autograph requests from the
adults in the audience, who were there to hear their
children sing, prompting him to exit early. However, the
memory was already made.To a Long Islander, it was a
dream come true !