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January 16, 2016
Billy Joel news !

> BILLY JOEL is back in a limited-run engagement, on SiriusXM satellite radio, channel 18. The BILLY JOEL Channel features music from Joel's career, guest DJ's and weekly shows hosted by Joel himself.


> Long Island native BILLY JOEL's foundation is going to donate $1 million dollars to the Long Island School for the Arts in Syosset. (I graduated from Syosset High School in 1972) The school has seen a drop in enrollment and faced the possibility of closing. Joel plans to meet with students in hopes of encouraging more kids to attend the high school. 


> BILLY JOEL, who has a Captain's License, sometimes commutes from his mansion on Long Island to New York City, via the Long Island Sound to the East River and into Manhattan,
on his 57-foot boat named Vendetta.

Billy-Joel-credits-by-B.Black_.jpg vendetta1.jpg




December 31, 2015
Billy Joel news !

BILLY JOEL rang in the new year, in concert, at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida, with special guests and a great performance of some of his greatest hits ! Opening for JOEL was singer-songwriter Gavin Degraw, singing his hits, "Chariot" and "I Don't Want To Be", among others. Comedian Kevin James showed up, goofing around on the piano, nailing the first few opening bars of "Miami 2017", before declaring that the piano was out of tune. And in the final minutes before the clock struck midnight, two other special guests jumped on stage, Late night host Jimmy Kimmel and Radio shock jock Howard Stern ! As for the random appearance by both, Stern said jokingly, that the tickets were free, and that "It's too f_ _ _ ing cold in New York." But the show was far from over, BILL JOEL played until after 1 AM !

November 7, 2015
Billy Joel sees daughter in concert !

Billy Joel's daughter, singer-songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, played all week at the Carlyle Hotel's sophisticated upscale piano bar, Cafe Carlyle, at the famous Bemelmans Bar, located in New York City, New York (35 E 76th St). Alexa got a special guest to appear to watch her perform, her father, BILLY JOEL !


                                     Alexa Ray Joel

October 10, 2015
Billy Joel lastest News.

>BILLY JOEL's oldest daughter, 29 year old singer-songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, sang the National Anthem at the N.Y. Islander's hockey teams opening game (Friday night,10/9/15) at their new home, the Barclay Center, Brooklyn, New York. Her father, BILLY JOEL, closed the Islander's former home, the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, N.Y., with a three hour sold out concert in August. (See photos, scrool August, 2015 Archives)

On New Years Eve, (12/31/15) BILLY JOEL plays at the BB&T Center, Sunrise, Florida. He played the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida last New Years eve. Seems BILLY JOEL likes to spend his New York winter's in Florida.


>BILLY JOEL sat down this week with New Yorker Magazine's Nick Paumgarten, who wrote a profile on the musician last year, and talked about various topics. Below are BILLY JOEL's musing answers to some of those questions.


On Social Media: "I don't Twitter. I don't Facebook. Sometime I look up a little porn -- you know, just to see what's going on".


On Rock vs. Classical: "Classical music was the girl next door. Rock and Roll is a girl with smeared lipstick and ripped stockings. I had an affair with her for some time, but I ended up wanting to go back to the girl next door".


On "Piano Man": "I was living in Los Angeles and working at a piano bar. I needed the money. I thought, I can't believe I'm doing this... but maybe I'll get a song out of it. And I did".


On why he quit writing pop music: (paraphrasing) I broke up with me.


AND, if you listen to his songs during "Live" concerts, you'll somAetimes hear BILLY JOEL sing alternate lyrics to his songs, such as..


> "The Entertainer": "After a while in a million miles, it all becomes the same", instead of, "After a while in a thousand miles, it all becomes the same".


> "She's Always A Women": "She can ruin your face with her powerful thighs", instead of, "She can ruin your faith with her casual lies".


> "Honesty": "Sodomy is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you", instead of, "Honesty is hardly ever heard, and mostly what I need from you".

October 1, 2015
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo named Godfather of Billy Joel's second child.

As reported by The New York Post's Page Six on Tuesday 9/29/15, BILLY JOEL and fourth wife, Alexis Roderick Joel, along with Billy's first child, Alexa Ray Joel, dined with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and about 20 guests at the Greek restaurant Kyma in Roslyn, Long Island, New York. Together they celebrated the Christening of BILLY JOEL and wife Alexis newborn daughter, Della Rose. BILLY JOEL chose the New York Governor, his close friend, the Godfather of his baby daughter.   

Photo: Jamie McCarthy

September 12, 2015
Billy Joel commemorates 14th Anniversary of 9/11 in New York with...

BILLY JOEL commemorates 14th Anniversary of 9/11 in New York City with Vice President Joe Biden and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Together on this day, they held reverence at the morning ceremony at the 9/11 memorial honoring and remembering the victims, spent time with some of the victim's families and visited Fire Rescue Co. #1, who lost half their members, as first responders, on that tragic day. Photos from 9/11/2015.

BILLY JOEL and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lead a group of 300 riders participating in the 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride in lower Manhattan on Sept 11, 2015. Photo: Jeremy Bales.


BILLY JOEL and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


BILLY JOEL, N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden at the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony.


BILLY JOEL, N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden with victim's families.


Police Officers posing with N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo, Vice President Joe Biden and BILLY JOEL in front of the USS Intrepid on New York's west side pier's.


BILLY JOEL, Vice President Joe Biden and N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo taking shop.


Rescue Co. #1 posing with Vice President Joe Biden, N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo and BILLY JOEL.

August 22, 2015
Billy Joel signing autograph's for his fans !

BILLY JOEL on his way to rehearsal Thursday afternoon, August 20, 2015, (He performs tonight) for his once a month Madison Square Garden gig in New York City. He is stopped in traffic, with fans noticing him, and signs autograph's from the back of his chauffeured SUV.


August 12, 2015
Billy Joel's wife gives birth to healthy baby girl !

BILLY JOEL's fourth wife, Alexis Roderick, gave birth to their first child today, a baby girl ! This is Alexis Roderick's first child and BILLY JOEL's second. (His first daughter, Alexa Ray, 29, was conceived from his second marriage to Christie Brinkley) The healthy baby girl, named Della Rose, was born on August 12, 2015 at 2:40 a.m. (EST) and weighed in at 7 lbs, 6.5 oz. Shown below is the first released photo of newborn Della Rose, and notice, she has more hair than her Dad ! Lol !


August 6, 2015
Photos, video's of BILLY JOEL's final Long Island concert !

Billy Joel at Long Island, N.Y. Nassau Coliseum's last show, August 4, 2015.


Billy Joel at Nassau Coliseum, August 4, 2015.


Billy Joel with special musical guest, Paul Simon, at Nassau Coliseum. (August 4, 2015)


July 31, 2015
Photos needed from BILLY JOEL's final Nassau Coliseum concert !

Excitement is building up on Long Island, New York (where BILLY JOEL grew up) to attend the final show (August 4, 2015) at the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, N.Y. with BILLY JOEL performing the last concert before this arena closes to start a multi-million dollar renovation. If you were lucky enough to have secured a ticket, like me, (the 18,000 tickets SOLD OUT in five minutes !) the fans of this BILLY JOEL Photo Website want to see your photos or video's ! Tell us about your experience, show us your photos (include name for photo credit) ! Send to OR All photos / videos will be posted on this BILLY JOEL Photo Website (Blog / Fan Photos) for all fans to see and enjoy !

July 5, 2015
Billy Joel gets married for 4th time !

A wedding that surprised his unsuspecting guests, BILLY JOEL, 66, and longtime girlfriend Alexis Roderick, 33, who's pregnant with Billy's baby, got married during BILLY JOEL's annual 4th of July Independence Day party at BILLY JOEL's estate on Centre Island, N.Y., New York Govenor Andrew M. Cuomo presided over Saturday's nuptials. Joel's daughter, singer-songwriter Alexa Ray, 29, from his 2nd marriage with Christie Brinkley, was part of a small group of guests and friends who were there to witness the vows. This is the first marriage for Roderick, a former senior risk officer for Morgan Stanley and an accomplished equestrian. This is BILLY JOEL's fourth.


                                       Wedding photo: Myrna Suarez

July 2, 2015
Billy Joel makes history !

Last night BILLY JOEL made history by becoming the first solo artist to have performed at New York's Madison Square Garden, a record breaking 65 times, surpassing Sir Elton John's record of 64 shows ! Contractually, BILLY JOEL performs every month at MSG to SOLD OUT shows, due to demand, and there seems to be no end in sight ! New York BILLY JOEL !

                                                                               Photo: John Marchut                                                                    

June 17, 2015
Pope Francis vs Billy Joel.

The Pope is visiting the U.S. and BILLY JOEL is standing down ! Pope Francis is visiting the U.S. this September, and with a stop in New York, plans on celebrating Mass at New York's Madison Square Garden the same day BILLY JOEL has a concert scheduled ! So, BILLY JOEL has decided to reschedule his SOLD OUT Friday, September 25, 2015 show to the next day, Saturday 26, 2015, to accommodate the Pope. All tickets for the Friday show will be honored the following night. During the Pope's six-day visit to the U.S., his hectic schedule will include, a meeting with President Obama at the White House, address Congress in Washington, D.C., attend a church rally in Philadelphia, visit Independence Hall, then in New York, hold evening prayer at St. Patrick's Cathedral, speak at the United Nations General - Assembly, hold Multi - religious service at the World Trade Center - 9/11 Memorial, visit Our Lady Queen of Angels School in East Harlem, a Papal motorcade through Central Park, then an evening Mass at Madison Square Garden, whew ! BILLY JOEL's decision to reschedule his concert for the Pope can only help come Judgment Day !


June 13, 2015
Billy Joel News !

For those of you who are reading this BILLY JOEL blog NOW, Saturday, June 13, 2015, there's a (30 min) BILLY JOEL TV Special on tonight (USA) that's a must see for all fans ! Tonight on NBC's Channel 4, 7pm EST, BILLY JOEL: Home At The Garden. Watch behind-the-scenes preparations for BILLY JOEL's concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden, with interviews of band members, roadies and BILLY JOEL rehearsing for the shows !

June 6, 2015
Billy Joel to surpass Sir Elton John's MSG record !

 Sir Elton John holds the record for the most performances at the world's most famous arena, New York's Madison Square Garden. But that record is about to be tied, then passed, by BILLY JOEL ! Elton John has played a record 64 shows at MSG. But BILLY JOEL will tie that record this month, on June 20th, 2015 and, on JULY 1, 2015 surpass Elton at 65 performances ! BILLY JOEL has been performing at the Garden each month (with surprise musical guests) since 2014, and promises to do so as long as there's a demand to see him perform. So far, every show has SOLD OUT ! New York BILLY JOEL 


                                                                                Photo: John Marchut